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Computer Solutions for Growing Businesses

Technology is evolving at an alarming rate providing us a wealth of products and services. We recognise you have ideas on how technology can advance your business core processes. By evaluating your current environment we can deliver your ideas by integrating these technologies into your company's daily routines, while you focus on running your business.

We are here to recommend and implement simple, effective networking solutions for growing South Australian businesses. Contact us now to arrange an appointment.

The following are a selection of the services we offer:
File and Print sharing:

Moving businesses away from standalone desktop and printers to networking clients in sharing and printing information

Email Server

Have complete control of email. Set up departmental emails such as sales@ and Automated replies, internal emails and other facilities which would normally cost hundreds of dollars from an ISP can be administered at your premise.


Computer Upgrades

Don’t loose any time and or productivity with ill health and end of life computers. Computer upgrades can increase software performance, minimise downtime and reduce your on going support costs.

Computer Support & Maintenance

We can provide support on an ad-hoc basis or ongoing with a cost effective service level agreement that caters for your business.

Internet Sharing

Is it time to network your employees to the internet to carry out daily activities? We can advise the best ways to share your existing internet connection without network performance issues.

Fast Broadband Internet connection

Internet usage for small business to operate is growing at a rapid rate. Businesses are becoming evermore reliant on receiving outside emails and the ability to communicate with third parties such as suppliers to survive. We can choose an internet service that will deliver your business requirements.

Internet Web Content Filtering
Maintain a healthy network by preventing your staff from accessing objectionable and spyware websites. Save cost on internet bandwidth consumption by filtering file sharing websites.
AntiVirus and Spam Soltuion

Protect the integrity and availability of your confidential data with the right safeguards in place. Prevent virus and spam intrusion and reduce your vulnerability to outside hack attacks.

Remote Network Access

We can fulfil your business requirements to network your employees to your business when they are either on the road or at home. We can also implement solutions to securely connect to your business suppliers and or partners.

Data BackUp Solutions

Avoid the risk of losing critical information and paying ludicrous amounts of money for unnecessary data recovery. Let us evaluate you current environment to recommend a cost effective backup solution to minimise the effect to your business in the event of a disaster.

Website Design & Setup

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on a business website if no one can find it! We will design your website to be search engine friendly and to ensure your search engine ranking wins you first time customers.

Data Security
We can assess the current state of your environment and develop a plan to improve the security of your business. We focus on three core principles of security; Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.
Adelaide Business Computer Services is a locally owned and operated information technology consulting business catering to the small and medium sized business as well as home office users.