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Advantages of Online Backup for Small and Medium Business

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Tape backup is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Fast becoming the backup favorite is online backup, especially for small and medium sized business. Online backup eliminates all the issues of having tape backup including lost tapes and not being able to fully recover from backup. The slow recovery process and excessive “downtime” of tape backup have caused small and medium sized businesses to search for other backup alternatives. Approximately 80% to 100% of all online backup users have had full successful recoveries of their data. In the event of complete network crashes, online backup also provides faster and more complete restores.


There are three categories of online backup:


Disk To Disk To Tape is used primarily for storing recent or short term data.  Faster backups are achievable since users are able to access the recent data that has been stored from the cache to disk and then to tape to store offsite.

Virtual Tape Libraries are able to store backups a few days at a time.  Information is written to disk using software that uses the disk as a virtual tape backup.  Once the data is written to the disks the software then transmits the backup to a virtual tape.

By using Disk to Disk To Tape or Virtual Tape Libraries there is still the need to tape backup, which means there are still certain issues that are still involved with using tape as backup.


Disk With Integrated Online Backup Service completely eliminates the need for using tape as part of the backup process.  The disk backs up all data then using an online disk backup and recovery service, compresses, encrypts and transmits the data to an offsite storage vault.  The online backup service can be scheduled at various times selected by the user or can backup continually depending on the businesses requirements.
"...choose a solution with the smallest percentage of failure..."

Consider the many features that each backup solution may offer.  The end goal is to choose a solution with the smallest percentage of failure.  By taking tape out of the equation eliminates one possibility for backup failure.  When considering disk with integrated online backup service make sure that the management and monitoring aspects of this solution are also fully automated.  Do not consider a backup service that insists you monitor and manage all backup events.  The idea is to free up staff from this mundane chore.  In addition, make sure your service provider fixes all errors and developing problems with backups as they occur, not once they have occurred, or make a report of all errors for IT to handle on the open of business the next day.  Also make sure the service encrypts all data, has bandwidth throttling, and a guarantee to ensure complete restores and not a guarantee for uptime.

Think about CDP or Continuous Data Protection which continually performs backups throughout a normal day of business.  This will ensure that if a disaster occurs during working hours, you have a recent backup within the past hour rather than from last night or at the opening of business.

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