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Antivirus Virus Prevention for Businesses

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Having antivirus is an absolute must for any business regardless of size.  It has been reported that approximately 80% of financial institutions, corporations and medical facilities have reported a breach to their internet security service in the first year of use!  There are various types of break ins or “hacks” that can occur within a network and it doesn't help that hundreds of websites are popping up daily with handy tips and trick on how to break through a corporate security network.

The first step is to address any vulnerability issues, or VA (vulnerability assessment).  Such issues as small glitches in the network configuration, etc. 


There are three ways to approach VA.: 

  • Customizable FREE tools
  • Using a VA service provider
  • Install an antivirus program with constant updating


Select antivirus protection that will constantly scan and clean the network without slowing down any applications.  Messaging and email programs need to be protected from malicious attacks as well.  Email programs are the most vulnerable for virus programs that constantly replicate by sending out erroneous email such as PE NIMDA

Antivirus programs should offer real time protection as well as the ability to schedule scans at off peak hours.  There also needs to be the ability to launch an immediate scanning and cleaning if an virus is suspected of leaking into the network.  Most viruses silently sneak into network computers in stealth mode and cause damage before they are even suspected.  There also needs to be the ability to free up staff from mundane administration overhead such as running updates and manual maintenance.


Antivirus programs also need to scan and protect email and any attachments to the email on a constant basis, all types of web browsers, and all files.  Administrators should have the ability to restrict certain activity on the network such as being able to customize the antivirus according to the needs of the network and adjust specific bandwidth on the network.  By being able to adjust bandwidth, an administrator can schedule emails with large attachments to be sent at off peak times instead of high peak times of network usage.


".....Antivirus programs should offer real time protection as well as the ability to schedule scans at off peak hours. "

A good antivirus strategy has an antivirus team that consists of the vendor and selected administrators working together to keep the network protected 24/7.  The vendor must also be available 24/7 with various ways to get in contact either via pager or cell phone in the event of a virus outbreak or antivirus failure.  It is as important to head off an outbreak attempt as it is to spot virus activity on the network.


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