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Cost Benefits using VoIP for Business

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Various sized businesses are now considering implementing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).  VoIP uses a combination of internet technology to compete with today's phone services.  The advantages of using VoIP versus the current variety of phone systems available are:

  • Clear voice quality
  • Increased reliability
  • Easy set up and maintenance
  • Security measures to prevent fraud and other various attacks
  • Enhanced emergency calls
  • Improved communications between mobile employees


VoIP is under constant improvement, now providing several different types available for small businesses to large corporations.

VoIP services available for free are better left for use by individual consumers.  It is still in the trial stages and is mostly offered through various messaging programs such as MSN and Yahoo.  This service does not offer the crystal clear quality that businesses and organizations need.

Australia's larger VoIP providers on the market today are membership driven where the consumer has to sign up and purchase, or have access to a router necessary to use VoIP over Broadband Internet.  The result is the consumer now pays two bills, Broadband Internet Access and VoIP.

With business VoIP in addition to the customers features, small businesses can have the appearance of being larger.  Bundles are also available that include VoIP, broadband internet and additional features all at one monthly rate.  Small businesses that are already using a phone system that features voice mail, an employee name directory, etc. do not have to discontinue using the phone system if they do not chose to.  Business VoIP can be integrated into the phone system. 

If your business uses such calling features as 3-way calling, call conferencing or call waiting, and pay additional money for these features, business VoIP can save money by including these features in a business VoIP bundle. 

Business VoIP can actually increase employee productivity by allowing each employee to have any calls forwarded to their cell phone or to their email inbox where the message can be played once the employee returns to their office.  Having these two features increases employee productivity by reducing the amount of missed calls.

Small businesses can have the feel of a big business when customers, vendors or clients call them by using features such as Auto Attendant, Hunt Group plus Find Me/Follow Me or Locate Me the client will always be connected with whom they are trying to contact.

Business VoIP is not for every small business. However, if your business makes a lot of outgoing calls, by waiting until later to consider VoIP you could be impeding a lot of valuable calls.

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