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Making Storage Networks Affordable for Businesses

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New regulatory and business needs for affordable storage are placing strain on business budgets.  Corporations and small companies alike are requiring the need for additional network storage on almost a daily basis. 

Businesses are trying to keep up with the increasing demand by implementing fixes or upgrades to their existing storage network.  This has resulted in an increase on IT budgets by buying additional equipment to provide more machine power, larger disk space, adding additional memory and improving processor speed.  The increased demand also is extended to payroll, by requiring IT workers to spend countless hours installing, programming and fine tuning the upgraded storage network.

Depending on the size needed for storage and backup there are more options available now than there has been in the past. 

DAS, Direct Attach Storage, has improved with ultra wide SCSI which makes it possible to download large rich media files.

NAS, Network-attached storage, is a fast growing storage option that attaches directly to the network.  NAS allows storage of larger files.  However take note that NAS of lower cost is mostly for personal use and does not offer important features such as snapshots.s

The new SANs, storage area network, offers IT a snapshot feature for immediate back up of data.  Issues that currently exist with SANs such as cabling and taking an entire network off line to perform backup is in the past.  New SANs offer serial port accessibility and removable storage devices that can be hot plugged.  Being able to hot plug an additional storage device means not having to take down the network for back up in case of hardware failure.

A terra scale data warehouse appliance uses hardware, DBMS and storage in one device.  Terra scale data warehouse appliances offer improved and faster performance which allows end users to query a database in seconds instead of minutes or hours.  The ease of performing a fast query is ideal for retailers, financial institutions, telecommunications and E-business. The TCO has been noticeably reduced by offering more flexibility, ease of use, better performance and compatibility.  Instead of wasting hours or even days to run financial analysis reports, comparison of inventories, or any additional analysis of information required can now be processed in minutes or even seconds.  This improved performance can aid in loss management, inventory control, or risk of fraud.

Clusters are the next level in the SAN evolution and can achieve higher throughput with either expensive faster disks or low end commodity disks.  

The OS has become an important consideration in the storage matrix evolutions.  Operating Systems are built to be optimized for storage thus better security, better reliability and higher performance.

By devising a plan early you will be able to immediately determine the current as well as the future storage needs of your organization.  Keep an eye on the NAS evolution as it is one of the fastest moving and evolving in the affordable storage network sector.  NAS will be offering broader function and support, higher performance on real throughput, and the lowest TCO.

Affordable storage networks for various sized business is an extremely competitive industry.  IT professionals would do best to take care not to risk quality for lowest cost in providing for your organizations needs.

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