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Online Web Marketing Tips for Businesses

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Billboard advertising, mass company mailings and advertising in the local phone book is simply not enough to get businesses recognized in today's world.  To establish a well known presence businesses simply must market themselves on the internet.  By doing so, it gives customer a feeling of being able to trust the company they are dealing with.

It takes a lot of study and research to develop the strategy necessary to make a powerful online presence.  Businesses now have the option of using their in house marketing department or hiring an outside company skilled in online web marketing.

The cost of web marketing has decreased drastically in the past few years so it will not effect a businesses bottom line.  Successful web marketing consists primarily of these components.

  • Being able to generate leads from inquirers
  • A properly implemented search engine optimized business website
  • Lead collection and conversion


If you are truly dedicated to establishing a sophisticated and powerful online marketing presence, you must have at least these three in place;

#1 First you need to have an efficient business website that has all of the tags and keywords built right into the website structure.  In the past it used to be extremely expensive to have a business website with all this in effect.  The price would range anywhere from $10,000 and up.  Now that online web marketing has become more prominent in the business marketplace the price range has dropped to approximately $10,000 or less. 

#2 After the website is all in place, it's all about SEO search engine optimisation putting your business website in at least the top 20 for the classification your business is in.  Having your business properly prioritized by effective search engine optimization gives constant hits from clients or customers looking for your service or product.  When you have a website that is effectively being ranked in the search engines an in house web developer can rank the website easily avoiding the expense of hiring an outside company to do the work.

#3 Part of lead generation and converting those leads to sales is to ensure your website is easy to navigate for customer/clients.  When prospects find the right company that will supply their needs and demands nothing frustrates them more than having to spend several minutes to find the information or product they want.  Have a navigation bar on your business website that is clear and easy to understand.  Establish newsletters, free information to get the information from the prospect that you need.  Something where the client will have to furnish their name, company name, address and job title is all you need to start a client list or database.

Once your client base gets larger, keep it expanding by establishing an analytical database of how your customers found you and what service or product they were looking for.  This assists in developing a strong online web marketing strategy.  By discovering how clients find your website and where they go to after they leave your website will help you in future marketing campaigns.

Highlight what other products and services are offered by your company, this helps in developing a target market. 

Use banner advertising on other websites in your classification or industry.  It has been proven by online marketing experts that approximately 10 out of every 50 prospects click the banner ad on a website they specifically went to merely because of the appearance of the banner.  So choose something eye catching and well worded.

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