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SSL VPN, Cost-efficient and Secure Remote Access for Businesses

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SSL VPN increases productivity in the work force by enabling users to access various internal applications safely and securely regardless of where they are.  From the local coffee shop, airports and hotel rooms SSL VPN can be found anywhere a wireless device can be used.  SSL VPN offers increased flexibility over IPSec VPN by allowing users to use Smartphones, and PDA's in addition to wireless PC's. 

SSL was originally introduced to secure communications and transactions of HTTP websites.  SSL VPN offers increased security that also uses encryption and authentication to keep the communication between two devices absolutely secure.  A user may connect through a web browser to an SSL VPN device within their company.  Users are only permitted to access applications on the company network that are authorized by the company.  User authorization can be as general or specific as required by the company.  Users must obtain specific authorization for specific applications.  Administrators may set up policies according to domains.  As long as the resources remain in the same authorized domain there will be no need for the user to obtain permission to access that domain. 

SSL VPN may cost slightly more than IPSec VPN however consider the ROI when company productivity is increased and IT requires less administration and support which reduces cost.

When comparing IPSec VPN and SSL VPN, IPSec VPN is more of a fixed nature with regards to  only being able to link trusted networks together from various locations.  SSL VPN is designed deliver clientless access to multiple locations access from several wireless devices at one time through a web browser.  IPSec VPN must use client software that is pre-installed.  SSL VPN is already integrated into the web browser making it clientless which makes user access simpler.  IPSec VPN provides access through NAT and firewalls, however to do so requires an administrator support.  Being that SSL VPN is made for remote access it is able to go around and move back and forth through NAT, firewalls and proxy servers.

SSL VPNs do not need to be reconfigured for administration rights.  Any and all users can only  have access applications and/or domains that are required.  This feature alone makes SSL VPN indispensable to company owned laptops and when using a customers computer through a firewall.


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