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The Cost of SEO, Search Engine Optimisation

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an important factor in establishing and maintaining a company's customer database.  With a wide range of prices and various SEO companies offering a bit more or less than their competitor, it can make it difficult which SEO company is the right choice.

There are also those companies that feel they do not have to outsource SEO rather feel it can be better done by someone in house.  There are many pros and cons to this decision.  If you happen to have a SEO guru working for you that knows all the strategic wording offering little trial and error then that is the wise choice.  However, if you only wish to delegate this responsibility to one person within your company just for the sake of cost then this decision will cost more in the long run, rather thant handing this task over to a SEO company.

The term “cost” can be defined in several ways.  The SEO company or the in house individual has to know the so called “rules and regulations” to proper search engine optimization.  You cannot merely enter an organizations name into a few hundred search engines and expect instantaneous high ranking.  There are certain procedures that must be adhered to in order for the organization to achieve long lasting high ranking without suffering the risks of being penalized by search engines.  Being penalised by search engines is more often than not the result of the SEO company you hired using illegal search engine practices or methodologies.  Once this is recognized by a search engine the organization is penalized from entering any additional SEO's on that search engine and sometimes others as well.  Your organization has had a fast high hit count however takes a dive in search engine ranking in the future.  Not only is there the cost of spending money hiring an SEO company but also the cost of loss of long term revenue.

A lot of organizations do not recognize the potential for using SEO and often think that it's not the right choice for them.  This type of thinking is most often the result or either hiring an unscrupulous firm that deals in unethical SEO practices or someone in house that is not skilled and educated in the exact method of SEO.  Proper SEO takes time to produce results.  The average time frame for most SEO's is approximately one month before results start to be noticeable.

SEO when done properly and within the legal practices of search engines can achieve long lasting and extremely profitable results.  Thorough investigation of any SEO company you are about to hire is an advisable practice.  Educate yourself as to what is required to properly optimize your organizations rankings.  The practice of flooding the search engines with your organizations name just for the sake of a high hit count and instant high rankings is considered an illegal practice by search engines.  The end result will be your organizations website being penalised thus making it virtually impossible to complete any additional SEO to any search engine.

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