ABCS, Adelaide Business Computer Services :: Adelaide, South Australia's, One Stop shop for Computer Repairs, Service, Networking, System Maintenance, VoIP, Broadband Internet & Consultancy. Pc Computer Hints, FAQ, Tricks & Tips.
Adelaide Business Computer Services, Adelaide, South Australia. Services, Support, Repairs, Solutions and Consultation.
Adelaide Computer Freeware & Open Source Programs

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AntiVirus [avast!] [AVG Anti-Virus] [Avira AntiVir]
Audio Tools [SoundEngine] [The Godfather] [TagScan] [MixSense] [Audio Grail]
Audio Players [foobar2000] [iTunes] [jetAudio BASIC] [Winamp]
CD+DVD Burning [DeepBurner] [Burn4Free] [burnatonce] [CDBurnerXP]
Compression [Zip&Go] [Ultamite Zip] [WinRAR] [Filzip] [RSP Bzip2]
Defragmenters [Buzzsaw] [DirMS]
Desktop Enhancements [CursorXP] [TransIcon] [MoinMoin Wiki] [MobyDock DX]
Digital Imaging [Vampix] [Gimp] [Sodipodi] [ColorPic v4] [tuxpaint] [ImageAnalyzer]
Download Managers [leechget] [ WackGet] [Star Downloader]
Email Clients [InScribe] [Thunderbird] [Pegasus Mail] [Mahogany]
Encoders [TMPGEnc]
Encryption and Data Security [Blowfish Advanced CS] [ AxCrypt] [ Simple File Shredder] [Eraser]
File Managers [Commander] [Gyula's Navigator] [2xExplorer]
Security Firewalls [Outpost] [Safety.Net] [Kerio]
Security and Surveillance [ZoneMinder]
FTP Clients [FileZilla] [LeechFTP] [SmartFTP]
FTP Servers [FileZilla] [War FTP] [Quick ‘n Easy]
HTML Editors [Trellian WebPage] [Selida] [HTML-Kit] [Nvu] [Arachnophilia] [First Page 2006]
Image Viewers [XnView] [AhaView] [IrfanView]
Instant Messaging Client [Trillian] [Psi] [gaim] [Miranda IM]
Internet Explorer Frontends [Avant Browser] [Maxthon Internet Browser]
Intrusion Prevention [Prevx1]
IRC Internet Chat [TinyIRC] [xchat] [HydraIRC] [Bersirc]
Network Tools [RAS Logger System] [PingPlotter] [Ethereal] [ntop] [RealVNC] [TightVNC] [SFTP Client]
Office Suites [Open Office] [AbiWord]
Partition Managers [TestDisk] [Partition Resizer]
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All computer software HOT links included are LEGAL to share and install
Freeware: Software which is distributed free by the author. Although it is available for free, the author retains the copyright, which means that it cannot be altered or sold.
Open Source: Software that is fully configurable by the user community because the source code that it was developed from is openly available.
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Adelaide Community Wireless Networks Directory:

[Adelaide Wireless Network] - Adelaide, South Australia. [ Air-Stream Wireless] - Adelaide, South Australia. [ SebbyNet WAN] - Adelaide Western Suburbs, South Australia. [Southern WiFi dot Net] - MorphettVale, South Australia. [FPWireless] - Fleuieu Peninsula, South Australia. [] - National Australia.