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Data Recovery Packing & Shipping Instructions to Ensure Media Safety.


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Step 1: Protecting Your Media


  • Have a qualified technician; if possible, remove the damaged hard drive from the computer.
  • Pack the corrupt hard disk drive with an anti-static bag and seal.


Step 2: Packing Your Media


  • Place the hard disk in a box approximately twice its size


Step 3: Securing Your Media


  • Wrap it with foam, bubble wrap or any anti-shock/vibrant material.
  • Once carefully packaged, pack it in a hard cardboard box
  • Ensure the damaged hard disk does can not move or get affected whilst in transit


Step 3: Ship Your Media


  • Seal the box and mark it as FRAGILE.
  • Use a shipping service with tracking capabilities. i.e. registered post/ con note reference.


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