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Adelaide Data Recovery

Adelaide Business Computer Services specialises in the recovery of deleted, corrupt or inaccessible files from both functioning and damaged hard drives. We provide an affordable, professional and confidential approach to Data Retrival, Disaster Recovery and Hard Disk Drive Recovery & Repair.


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Deleted File Rescue Services:
  • We can recover all types of files; Word Documents, PowerPoint Presentation, Excel Spreadsheets, Exchange Mailbox, Visual Basic, Outlook Express Mailbox, Outlook Mailbox, SQL Server Database etc...

Disaster Recovery Services:
  • * If your computer no longer boots or recognises a hard drive then we can perform a Diagnosis on the drive to determine it's condition and the possibilities of data recovery and disk restoration.Disk Drive Doctor.

** 100% Customer Privacy and Confidentiality of any Data we may Recover **


Reasons for Hard Drive Data Corruption:
  • Formatting & accidental deletion
  • Power Failure, Spikes & Surges
  • General surface wear of Hard disk
  • Pollution of the air inside the sealed drive unit
  • Corrupt data in RAM, or on the busses to and from the hard drive
  • Computer Virus overwriting areas of raw disk with garbage

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Logical and Physical failures will display any of these symptoms:
  • ticking, grinding or clicking sounds
  • buzzing noises and or whining sounds
  • "the blue screen of death" screen display
  • rebooting error messages
  • "Hard Disk Failure" message
  • lockups, hangs & slow performance
  • hard disk drive does not spin.

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Data Recovery:

Data Recovery is the process of collecting data from electronic data storage devices that would be otherwise inaccessible via normal means. Data can be recovered from devices such as Hard Disk Drives (PC and laptop), memory cards, USB devices, PDAs, CDs and DVDs.

Such data may no longer be accessible due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Power Failure or Irregular Shutdown/ Restart Cycle.
  • MBR, Master Boot Record.
  • Corrupt File Structure.
  • Corrupt Memory.
  • Malicious Virus.
  • Logical or Physical Damage.
  • Accidental Deletion or Formatting.

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Disaster Data Recovery:

Disaster Data Recovery is the complete solution to Data Recovery, Disk Repair and System Recovery.

If your computer will not boot or load the operating system then you may be experiencing a Hard Disk Failure of either a physical or logical nature. Under these circumstances it is not possible to employ standard data recovery techniques to recover files that remain on the disk. This may be due to Corrupt Boot Records, BIOS detection failure, physical or file system damage.

In such a case the disk and data condition will be assessed prior to any recovery operations. The following phases will occur only when this information is communicated to the customer and they have agreed on the scope of the operation.

To ensure that the integrity of important data is not further degraded by the repair procedure all attempts will be made to collect priority data from the hard drive before attempting any repairs.

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Fujitsu Modile IDE, SATA - Enterprise SAS
Hitachi Server Drives ~ Ultra320 SCSI, SATA II, ATA-5, 3.5", 2.5", 1.8 inch hard disk drive
Quantum Disk-based backup systems-Networks
HP SATA, ATA/100, SAN Amsterdam Adelaide Data Recovery
Samsung Hard Disk Drive SATA, SAS, Ultra ATA - 100
Seagate Disc Storage Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), Ultra320 SCSI and 2 Gbits/sec Fibre Channel interfaces, SATA, Ultra ATA/100 Toshiba Hard Drives 0.85", 1.8" 100MBps Ultra DMA, 2.5 inch ATA-2/3/4/5/6 interface Western Digital Corp SATA 150MBps, SATA 300MBps, EIDE Drive, Enterprise, Desktop, Mobile, External Hard Disk Drives Adtron Corporation SATA 2.5", SCSI 2.5"/3.5", Solid State IDE 2.5" UDMA-100, IDE 3.5" UDMA-66, RAID  

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Standard Rates & Charges


Deleted File Rescue Services:

$55 +GST, 1 to 5 files (<700 Mb) + $8 +GST per extra file.

$90 +GST, 11 to 25 files (<4.3 Gb) + $2 +GST per extra file.

$160 +GST, 51 to 100 files + $1 +GST per extra file.


Disaster Recovery Services:

The Disaster Recovery Diagnosis price is $75 +GST and will be deducted from the cost of any agreed recovery and repairs.