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Adelaide Networks for Home Office or SME Businesses

We can design, configure and install connectivity to one or many computers via different technologies (media transport types). By creating a network, we can setup access to shared data resources on local or remote file servers. Below outlines our core networking services:


Internet Access:
  • Recommended the best priced Australian internet plan to meet your needs
  • Configure and install broadband internet
  • Configure and install ADSL, ISDN or Cable Internet
  • Dialup internet installation


Local Access, LAN
  • Connect (network) local machines.
  • We can setup internet, file and or print sharing on a local area network
  • Data Cabling and Patch Points for home and or office
  • Firewall data security setup.


Remote Access:
  • Access your home PC from any Internet-connected computer
  • Connect your business network to you home network.
  • We can network offices together and provide network connectivity to other remote places.
  • Configure secure remote access using a virtual private network (VPN)


  • Configure your computer for wireless network connectivity
  • We can setup wireless internet Connection sharing. Share your internet link with your neighbour!
  • Connect securely to the internet and suppliers via 3G broadband internet.


With a broadband internet connection it’s possible to setup up FREE telephone calls, VoIP, between friends and colleagues. [Click Here] for more information.